Welcome to MTI Bioscience, a sister company of MicroThermics

We specialize in the continuous thermal processing of cell culture media, pharmaceuticals, topicals, biofuels, an cannabis products (including beverages). Through our relationship with MicroThermics, we have over 30 years of thermal processing expertise and excellence to rely on. Whatever your application, we can help you design, verify, and implement a system so that you can experience the benefits of continuous thermal processing for your R&D or production operations.


Our Continuous Thermal Processors process media more consistently with higher functionality and effectiveness.


Creating consistent, repeatable quality growth media can be a challenge. Find out how MTI BioScience can help.


We have experience in processing cannabis, biopharm, and food products safely. How can we help you?

Continuous Thermal Processing

MTI BioScience is a proud international distributor of MicroThermics brand Small-Scale Pasteurizers, UHT/HTST Sterilizers and Aseptic Processors.


Many local and state governments have recently allowed of cannabis in beverages. Here is what you need to know: