Benefits Over Autoclaving / Retort

In autoclaves the exposure of the media to damaging heat is extremely long (minimum of 40 minutes, but normally upwards of 1 hour). Additionally, this exposure to heat (and therefore quality) varies from batch to batch and within a batch due to the required penetration of heat to the center of the containers.

Larger containers or batches take longer to get their center to sterilization temperature than small containers or batches. Thus the products have to be formulated so that they retain their required functionality in based on the longest exposure to heat.

MicroThermics Continuous Processors

In a MicroThermics continuous processor, the media has a dramatically lower heat exposure to heat (seconds instead of hours) and all of the product, regardless of the size of the batch has the exact same exposure. Thus the media is higher quality, and of completely consistent exposure. This means it will have higher functionality and be more effective.

Some industries have been slow to adopt continuous flow thermal processing because it was not feasible due to equipment size, or sterility assurances. However, as continuous flow pasteurization and aseptic processes have evolved, MicroThermics has been at the forefront of developing small-scale equipment, and this is rapidly changing.

Today, we have clients using our equipment to produce:

  • Extracts for cancer treatment medications
  • Sterilize microbial media, tissue culture media, and biofuel stock
  • Sterilize solutions used in medications and other medical applications
  • We also provide equipment for Viral Inactivation

Our equipment has enabled our clients to increase their products’ functionality and yields, reduce biological failures, and virtually eliminate variability of product quality. They have decreased their risks, and costs at the same time; A winning combination.

Lower Heat Exposure


Higher Quality Media